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Susan Riggens

  • Montgomery, Texas 77316
  • 832-236-0322

About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Susan Riggens. I have been married to my husband, Mike, for 17 years. Together we live in Montgomery Texas with our 3 children. We have been active members at our church for the 15 years we have lived in the area. We enjoy serving our Lord and loving the people He brings into our lives.

We have been Young Living members for nearly 10 years! In March of 2006, my friend, Evangeline Reed, encouraged me to meet with Debra Raybern, a local certified nutritional counselor, master herbalist, and naturopath to see if Debra could give nutritional suggestions for my four year old daughter who was experiencing health concerns. Evangeline also shared that she had been to an essential oils class Debra taught and was greatly impressed with the wealth of knowledge Debra had to share.

During the counseling session, Debra suggested some dietary changes for my daughter. Debra also shared a bit about essential oils. By the end of the session, I had purchased my first Young Living products: a bottle of Melrose oil and KidScents Mightzymes. I realized within 24 hours of using Melrose oil that it was very potent and useful for my intended purpose. My daughter benefitted from the dietary changes and also Mightyzymes as they aid healthy digestion. With the incredible success we experienced with these products, I found myself wanting to learn more. I went to my first class soon thereafter and began learning of the many benefits the Young Living products had to offer. In April, I had a need for a safe and effective household cleaner and was impressed by the cleaning power in Thieves Household Cleaner. The next class I went to pushed me over the edge and I finally purchased my wholesale membership in June of 2006!

As time went on, my family continued to experience ongoing benefits with Young Living products. I loved the products so much that I excitedly told others about them on a one on one basis. I invited those I personally shared with to classes taught by Debra, Evangeline, and Tom (Evangeline’s husband) over the next several years. Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t consider myself an expert and also had a fear of failure so I didn’t teach official classes.

On Thanksgiving Day of 2013, a close family member was diagnosed with Glioblastoma; brain cancer. For seven years, I had had a passion for telling like minded moms about the importance of non toxic living: dietary, topical, and environmental. I had shared how Young Living had made a dramatic impact on my family’s wellness because of the numerous products that support and maintain a healthy body. To my dismay, I realized that I had not gone out of my comfort zone of like minded fellow moms. I had not shared the difference a clean diet and getting rid of chemically laden personal care products and toxic chemicals could make in the lives of those outside of my inner circle of home schooling moms, including my own extended family. Soon thereafter, I purposed to step out of my comfort zone- to feel the fear of rejection and do it anyway. It was then that I became a leader. From that point on, I have taught groups of people how to get rid of harmful substances in and around the body and maintain wellness with Young Living products. In addition, I have become a strong support to my team members who have made a decision to also become leaders. Young Living has since provided an income for my family and the families of many of my team members. I would consider it a joy to help you begin your journey to continued wellness and if you choose, to support you and guide you as you develop your own team.

Susan Riggens